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We believe in creating highly effective team so that the experience with our clients should be world class.FEDTM is seeking skilled, motivated and ambitious staff who are looking to build their career within forex and stock market industry. We are a dynamic, growing firm headquartered in Pune, and we provide online trading solutions to clients all around the world. We are characterised by our safe trading environment and our strict ethical operational activities. Our staff enjoy an exciting working environment with frequent opportunities for professional growth combined with a competitive remuneration package and frequent company perks. If you are looking for a new challenge and want to join the ranks of a world class international corporate, we would love to hear from you.

PravinBapu is the CEO and Founder of FEDTM. FEDTM (Forex E Currency Deals & Trade Management) INDUSRIES PVT LTD is having more than 10 years of experience in ForexTrading and CurrencyMarket. We are among the best global Institute for consulting and coaching in currency market. At FEDTM INDUSTRIES PVT LTD, we offer comprehensive trading and training courses for newbies and experienced traders who want to learn the professional trading techniques and make a bright career in the forex, stock & commodity market. We strive to help you to achieve your financial goals with ample opportunities. We also providing all types of Mutual Fund And Insurance services.

Our Training& Coaching Courses are designed to cover a variety of trading styles and strategies, our classes includes Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, News Based Events, Exchange Traded Funds, Currencies. We focusingon improving mindset, passions, the necessary skills and confidence in our traders & Students..

Our Team is highly motivated and enthusiastic to teach and guide you. We teach you proven methods and techniques for successful trading through the use of risk management, trading fundamentals, technical analysis and real-world applications. We look forward to shaping your future by getting you ready for new opportunities ahead. Our Institutesgoal is to Educate, Empower & create Entrepreneurs.To help more and more Entrepreneurs to become Billionaire by providing our Service Happily& creating system for Financial Wisdom& Liberty.

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